Call for submissions for poetry

If you’re a writer and a mama (or papa) you might be interested in this announcement, which is posted at Literary Mama:

Poetry Wanted for Parent Blessings book
POETRY needed for PARENT BLESSINGS (previously titled PARENT PRAYERS) is geared specifically for parents and will have the same spiritual tone as BABY BLESSINGS. The intention of the book is to provide insight, joy, and support for parents throughout their parenting journey. Parents will read PARENT BLESSINGS when they feel like celebrating the simple joys of parenting and will also turn to the book for comfort and insight when they feel discouraged in their role as a parent. The primary market will be a gift book for new moms and dads. The secondary market will be parents buying it for themselves for encouragement and inspiration.

The chapters include: Pregnancy, Babies, Toddlers, Children, Teens, Leaving Home, Adulthood, Reflections, and Inspiration. Please avoid standard “Please help me be a better parent” submissions. I particularly need submissions for chapters printed in bold. As always, I appreciate freshness and originality. The selections will reflect upon the spirituality of parenting and day-to-day family life. Parents whose children have passed beyond the first few chapters will enjoy the book for the emotional recollection of the precious early years in a child’s life and appreciate the later chapters that pertain to them.

Submission date is open.

The editor is June Cotner and you can get more information here.


2 thoughts on “Call for submissions for poetry

  1. You know, I honestly hate being That Person, the one who comes across as being overly inclusive, but honestly, why do you keep saying these sorts of things are of interest to writers who are mothers? The call for poetry you quote specifically mentions “parents”.

    Since my book is about my life as a father of a special needs child, and my next one will be about the changing and murky role of fathers in our society, I can’t complain too much since overlooked fathers seem to suddenly be my bread and butter. But it still surprises me every time I see it.

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