Five years of 4ths

Five years ago, I was wishing with all my heart that we’d have another baby.

Four years ago, Bennett was just released from the NICU and Avery was still there. The valley was flooded with thick, gray smoke from the forest fires in Glacier National Park. We had to shut the windows against the air so that Bennett could breathe.

Three years ago, I honestly don’t remember a thing. We had two one-year-olds and a five-year-old, this I know. The rest is a blur.

Two years ago, we had a little 4th of July celebration at our house. It felt like we’d been through a lot and it was time for a party. I wore a red and white striped shirt, jeans, and blue canvas tennis shoes, and I dressed all the kids in red-white-and-blue, too, because that’s just the kind of mom I am.

Last year, Tom had a writing assignment that took us across the mountains and through Choteau, where David Letterman was spotted along the sidelines of the town’s parade. I didn’t see David Letterman and only learned he was there by reading about it on the Internet.

This year, we are heading out to Yellowstone National Park, to go look at geisers and other natural wonders. We’ll be gone all week, but my regular “A Little More” post will run on Thursday at ParentDish, thanks to the miracles of advance scheduling. This week, I write about frienship, and the unexpected places we find it.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

14 thoughts on “Five years of 4ths

  1. I hope you have a great time at Yellowstone and Happy 4th July. I enjoyed your article on Parenting Dish (as per usual). I think that the connections the internet enables online mums to make is one of the BEST things about the internet. There are those lucky ones who are able to spend time with their online friends – or meet them in ‘real time’ too – a real bonus. I can’t wait to read Gifts – I am just waiting a bit before I order it through my local bookstore as I know it will take them a while to get it in.

  2. Oh isn’t it strange how one date can stir up so many memories and such emotion? To have been through such a lot – so many 4ths that had to take a backstage to real life – I’m so glad that this was one that you could truly celebrate.

  3. you are so lucky to live so close to natures wonders!!! my parents just came back 4 days ago from glacier park! its a long haul from iowa!!!
    i hope you had a great 4th and a wonderful time at yellowstone!

  4. It’s nice to reflect on the 4th. You made me really try and remember what I was doing on the 4th last year with my then 1 year old too. I still can’t remember. Hopefully it will come to me soon.

    At least this year I can say that there are lots of pictures of my 2 year old in his new wading pool. 🙂

    Have a lovely trip!

  5. Wow, I have some very fond memories of Yellowstone from my move cross country (in an RV w/my parents and my cat!) from NY to CA. Have a wonderful, wonderful time. I hate that I have to wait until Thursday to read your next PD post! :-\

  6. Happy 4th! I’d love to be in Yellowstone! We used to go to Bozeman every summer to visit my father’s side of the family. I have fond memories of Montana trips. Montana=Family vacations in my mind. Someday I’d like to take my kids, perhaps when they are a little more manageable to travel with. 🙂

  7. Happy 4th to you too. And enjoy Yellowstone. It’s on my “must see” list…one of these days.

    I’ll be looking forward to Thursday, too.


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