The gifts of giving birth


It’s Thursday! Which means there’s another feature post up at ParentDish. This week, I’m thinking about the wide gap between what I expected my two experiences with childbirth to be, and what they actually were, and how this gap provided a chance for me to grow as a parent.

3 thoughts on “The gifts of giving birth

  1. Another beautiful piece Jennifer. I hadn’t thought about the whole birth that way before – I think that that lack of control is something that every parent has to confront – but the ones with a ‘diagnosis’ confront it a lot earlier – will have to rethink that theory as I can see what you mean – so many of us have this notion of the ‘ideal’ birth – and that often doesn’t happen the way we intend but it does happen and usually we are well pleased with the babies that result from it all.

  2. Amazing how what I plan and what God sees as best are so often different, yet He always seems to be right! We hadn’t even planned to have children, so the loss of control hit hard and fast, but you are right about the 9 mos preparing for the life ahead…at least as much as it can with so much unknown.

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