Cleaning house at Pinwheels…

If things look newer, fresher, lighter, cleaner around here, that’s because of Rebecca from Just a Little Bit of Something Extra Creations.

I asked her to help make the Pinwheels blog design “less fussy,” and I told her I hoped to add new colors, that were bright and cheerful “like kids’ balloons.” I asked that she keep everything easy for me to manage, so that I could keep writing posts or adding graphics in my usual way.

She did all these things and more…and I can’t speak highly enough of her talents. She has a way of understanding what each person’s dream blog would look like, and then using her skills to translate those dreams onto the computer.

Thank you, Rebecca, for helping me!

8 thoughts on “Cleaning house at Pinwheels…

  1. I like the new design but I have to be honest…I miss seeing your smiling face each time I click on your page! It somehow made me feel like I was at your house having coffee. Silly, perhaps, but true. 🙂

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