Special Anniversaries

Vicki Forman has another “Special Needs Mama” post up at Literary Mama. This month’s title is “Anniversaries.” I love reading her posts because she writes about moments I recognize; things I can relate to in my life as Avery’s mom.

I don’t remember the date the twins were supposed to be born (I’m sure I’ve blocked it out in denial) but I remember this: pulling the weeds behind the house, stringy vines of pale white Morning Glory in the June heat, wondering if I could make it two more months. The moment is clear in my mind; I even remember the feel of the babies gently moving inside me as I worked.

And then later, when the babies were in the NICU, and I was home, cleaning out the refrigerator, throwing out all my twin-pregnancy foods–the soy shakes and the folic acid tablets and the protein powder. One of the containers of yogurt had an expiration date that was the same as my due date (which I don’t remember now, but I knew it then) and it made me cry. Even the condiments seemed risky. We needed to start over. I cried, and cleaned, until the only thing left was a gallon of milk and a pitcher of water.

So these are my special, unnamed anniversaries: pulling weeds and cleaning out the fridge.

To read Vicki’s, go here.


3 thoughts on “Special Anniversaries

  1. Very good post (as usual!). I thought of the day of the ultrasound that tipped us off to Delphine’s heart defect and the T21 diagnosis this year.

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