It’s “Love for Parker” week


From Melody, of Slurping Life:

Love For Parker is here! July 23 – July 27. Are you all ready to show lots of Love For Parker and have a chance to win one of many unbelievably fantastic prizes?

Parker is an adorable but medically fragile child who requires an extraordinary amount of care. His care is extremely expensive, and his parents’ insurance company leaves a huge portion of the financial burden on the family. His parents have been unable to qualify Parker for other forms of assistance. If this is your first time meeting Parker, take a moment to visit TopBlogMag and get to know him.

Then please remember to GO HERE and donate (see that blue make a donation button up top) which will enter you in the drawing for a chance to win the Hewlett Packard digital camera, printer and accessories package valued at over $400 or one of many other prizes. You know you could give up at least one latte or a couple of donuts or a magazine or that pair of shoes this week, which need you question, and donate. Save the cost of just one vice this week and do a good thing with the money.


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