Carter says:

“You know one thing about life, Mom?”

Me: “What?”

Carter: “There’s no pause button.”

Me: “It’s true. Sometimes, I wish more than anything that there was a pause button.”

Carter: “There’s no rewind, either, and no fast-forward.”

Me: “No.”

Carter: “You just have to take life as it comes.”


10 thoughts on “Carter says:

  1. What an amazinly perceptive young man!!!!

    Now, I do believe there was a movie about that remote controller that had that effect…..but that is the movies, not reality.

    Isn’t incredible how young minds work… refreshing!!!!

    Give that guy of yours a big bear hug from us!

  2. Oh a do-over button would be excellent. 🙂

    Although I’ve found if you take enough pictures and write down enough memories sometimes you can feel like you’ve found the pause button. The moment comes back to you and it’s like that moment when you think everything’s stopped…even though it hasn’t.

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