A big one and a little one


The twins don’t look like twins, anymore. When they were babies, and I wheeled them around in the InStep double jogger stroller, or as toddlers, when they could still share clothes, denying their twinship was impossible. But lately, as the boys have grown into their own, unique selves, fewer and fewer people stop me to ask, “Twins?” But the bond is there, one I can see. I write about it this week for the Thursday, “A Little More” post at ParentDish.


9 thoughts on “A big one and a little one

  1. Beautiful, and especially dear to me as well! At 2, I see the Buddha belly on Jude still and Simon has already stretched out to a lean, tall body. Could also have something to do with the fact that Jude eats about twice as much as Simon! The boy does like to eat.
    One in a million? Yeah, I guess that sounds right. I often think about how lucky the boys are to have each other.

  2. Ugh, Jennifer you’ve got to stop making everyone cry, OK? Seriously, a beautiful and moving post…in ways you might not imagine. See my post “Think Twice” and you’ll understand. Sigh…

  3. Beautiful post! This story reminds me of an old neighbor with girl/boy twins… one with Down Syndrome. They are so cute together and the brother always there to “lead” his twin and receiving her love in return.

  4. A wonderful post Jenifer – as always – and especially dear to me. I could relate to so much of what you describe. One thing that still surprises me a bit is just how much Kit learns from Hannah too – and even though they are so different – and he is so much bigger and further along the development milestone map than she – that twin thing is strong between them. Not an obvious, lets dress the same, but a knowing – always knowing where the other is and caring about the other one too … we really are blessed to be ‘one in a million’.

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