Mom and Carter say a prayer for an old cat

Dear God,

You may have noticed a new arrival in heaven lately. His name is Cosmo and we wanted to tell you he’s a terrific cat. He likes to chase string and eat tuna from the can, especially the juice. He likes to sleep at the foot of the bed, and in the mornings he likes to stretch in the sun.

Please take good care of him. We miss him very much.



16 thoughts on “Mom and Carter say a prayer for an old cat

  1. When the girls were younger, I told them about kitty heaven where there are plenty of toys, lots of soft grass to play and sleep in and, best of all, no dogs. They have their own.

    As do goldfish, I suppose.

    I’m sorry about your kitty. It’s never easy to lose a beloved friend; even when it’s expected.

    My cats over the years will welcome him with open paws.

  2. Sorry about Cosmo, Jennifer. Pets become such members of the family. We are crazy about our dog, Wilson–I don’t even want to think about how my kids will come undone when he leaves us someday.
    Thinking of you all.

  3. My nephew’s big old cat, Felix, passed away in May. He accompanied my nephew through his whole preschool and public school career, passing away just a few weeks before graduation. Now he’s playing Cosmo. . . .

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