Rock it!


WhatWorksForMom, who has a rockin’ blog herself, shared this award with me and I love it! I don’t particularly think of myself as Rockin!, especially this morning, when my hair has scrambled egg in it (a long story that involves a time-out) and the kitchen floor is so grubby my feet stick to it…but I digress!

The best part of this award is I get to give it out to other Rockin’ Girl Bloggers, too, so here are my picks:

Rebecca from Just a little bit of something extra creations. No one can rock a blog redesign like she can!

Kathy, from Queen Serene. She’s the rockin’-est editor around, as any of the contributors to Gifts will tell you.

Michelle, from Big Blueberry Eyes, who has a post up about “Hope and Normalcy” that rocks!

Beth, from Not That You Asked, whose been rockin’ her own personal writing. Keep up the excellent work, Beth!

Suz, from Apostrophe S, for the rockin’ way she reminded me of the place of rejection in the writing life.

And finally (because using the word “rockin” so many times is getting silly…) Angela, from Eclectic Recovery. Angela’s is a brand-new blog aimed at helping women honor themselves through healthy living.

Rock on, my friends!


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