Fire Season


It’s Thursday, which means another post is up at ParentDish! This week in “A Little More,” I write about what it feels like to live surrounded by forest fires.


3 thoughts on “Fire Season

  1. Fires were on our minds, too, this last month—I can’t remember when California has ever so dry and barren. There wasn’t a drop of water in any creek or stream we passed as we drove through the Ojai Valley.

    You’ll be in our thoughts for a peaceful and safe deliverance into fall. And truly, bless Tom and those like him who put themselves on the line for others, day after day. Talk about a gift…

  2. J, you KNOW that all of us in NiksFamily think you and your boys (even the “big boy,” Tom) are special. We’re keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Wow! I couldn’t imagine dealing with the worry you must have every evening. Your words and parallel to your life with the boys amaze me as usual. You, your husband, boys and all the families affected by the fires will be in my thoughts.

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