Message in a bottle


The three boys are playing in their bedroom, making blanket forts while listening to Carol Kane and “The Mouse Cookie.”

A few minutes later, Carter and Avery send Bennett out to deliver a message to me, written in black crayon on lined school paper, rolled up in an empty plastic bottle.

One side of the paper, the message reads: “We want food and we need it now.”

The other side has just one word, an afterthought: “Please.”


14 thoughts on “Message in a bottle

  1. The “please” really saved the day. Without it, I’d be tempted to replace the message in the bottle with one of my own, “Come out here and help me get the food.” But the please, combined with the neat handwriting and no misspelled words, well what can I say…it swayed me, for sure.

  2. Oh, I love it!!!! Now, maybe it was the other way around. Please first and then the request?!? lol!!!!

    I so loved making blanket forts when I was young. Sounds like a perfect afternoon for three busy boys!

  3. It’s true, maybe the “please” came first, but somehow I doubt it…

    I don’t know where the message in a bottle idea came from, they were playing “Mummy King” which involves mummies, King Tut, and a lot of running around.

    I fed them peach-mango juice in plastic cups with lids and straws, peanut butter, crackers and grapes. Bennett took all the bounty back with him, clutched to his chest. He took his mission very seriously.

    Now, who knows what tomorrow will bring!

  4. Now how do you know they didn’t *start* with the “Please” first? 😉 Love that they sent the message in a bottle…were they playing pirates or castaways? Cute.

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