Rasberries make the best jam


It’s time!


11 thoughts on “Rasberries make the best jam

  1. Bernice, thank you so much for stopping by! And thank you for your kind words and support of “A New Song.” It means so much to me!

    Blessings to you and your sweet baby girl, they really do grow up too fast!

  2. Hello Jennifer,

    I just wanted to pay you a compliment about your loving heart and wisdom from your article, A New Song. I’m a new mom, I have a daughter whose 6 months old and she is just a joy. Thank you again for your wisdom.

    God bless you and your family.
    Bernice Monk, Diamond Bar. CA

  3. I sent this to Niksmom, and I’ll post it here, too:

    You go to the grocery, or any store, and you get PECTIN. I like the less-sugar kind, but you can get any kind you like and experiment.

    So you get the PECTIN (Ball is a good brand, Sure Fresh another) and there’s a recipe sheet inside. (I used up the last of my pectin, so I can’t be more specific). Most times, there are two sets of recipes, cooked jam (which is in red) and freezer jam (blue). We want freezer jam.

    You prepare the fruit as directed, measure it and mash it and put in the sugar and let it set. Keep it room temp, not cool.

    Then you measure the water, add it to the pectin in a little pot, stir it around until it comes to a hard boil (which means it doesn’t stop boiling even when you stir it, don’t begin timing until this stage). When you’ve reached a hard boil, you cook it like this for a bit, usually 1 min.

    So when you’ve done that, and timed it, some recipes have you add the pectin mixture to the fruit, others have you add the fruit to the pectin, in any case stir stir stir some more, what you’re doing here is disolving the sugar and distributing the pectin. Usually you stir for 3 min.

    That’s IT! You pour it into clean containers that can go in the freezer (we use Mason wide-mouths, one batch fills three 16 oz. jars) and then you leave it alone in a quiet place overnight. This is when the jam jams. Then you put it in the fridge and use it w/in a month, or freeze it, use it w/in a year (at our house, it never lasts that long).

    I love raspberry freezer jam, also sour cherry, also strawberry. It tastes so much better than cooked jam!

    Now I tried to teach a friend to make freezer jam, and she was intimidated by the timing, and the measuring. All I can say is, it’s not rocket science…it’s berries and sugar and pectin. How wrong can you go?????


  4. You make jam, too!? Wow, I *knew* there was another reason I think you’re so awesome! I have these fantasies about growing vegetables and making jams and such…but then I remember I don’t have the time or energy or kitchen space. I am envious…

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