This makes me so happy



29 thoughts on “This makes me so happy

  1. Wrapped up in my own life with a newborn girl, I completely forgot to add your blog when I started using Google Reader. That is now remedied!

    Congrats on the article being published. I shall scour my corner of the world to find a copy of my own. Also, I think I’m going to have to email you some questions because we are considering moving away from the heat that is Northern California; I didn’t realize that you were in Montana, one of our favorite places to be in the world so on our short list of places to move to. I have all sorts of questions about available support services, doctors, etc. First, I’m going to get some sleep though!

  2. Oh, I can’t take claim for the cover…that beautiful baby belongs to another family (I’d love to know who?) but the words inside are about my love for Avery, and how much he’s enriched our lives, and how often I find myself at a loss for words when explaining this to other mothers, who don’t quite know what to make of me and my life.

  3. I am so excited….I had heard about the cover picture and article…so I called Emma Sage’s doctor to see if she would grab me a copy from her office to read. I can’t wait to get back home to read the aritcle!!!!

  4. whoo hoo! I wondered who’s child it was when I heard a baby with Down syndrome was on the cover this month. I too ordered a subscription to get it, and I sure ain’t having more babies!

    Can’t wait to read it.

  5. Melody, I missed the Parents article, and it sounds like I’m glad I did. It’s such a challenge to get any of these mainstream publications to include our kids, and to ensure that when they ARE included, it’s in a loving and educated way…I guess that’s why this BabyTalk cover makes me so happy!

  6. Beautiful! Much unlike Parents Magazine which seemed to need to post a disclaimer regarding the child used for an article about Autism. They projected a feeling to us Aspie moms as our children being somewhat…lepers.

    This is wonderful and thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  7. Queen K, I really HOPE that BabyTalk puts it up on their website. If they do, I’ll be sure to post the link. If they don’t, maybe I can post it here…I’ll have to check.

  8. Thanks Michelle! If BabyTalk does put the essay up on their website, I’ll be sure to add the link.

    (I haven’t seen the actual magazine yet, either! Isn’t that funny? But I’m used to it. Everything reaches Montana about a month later than for the rest of the world, it seems…)

  9. I didn’t realize you wrote the article Jennifer! I signed up for BabyTalk, but don’t know if I’ll receive that issue so I’ll have to go to our library and see if they have it (since the article isn’t linked to online). I guess I didn’t think it was your article as that’s not Avery on the cover! I just found out through another website that you are the author! How exciting and congratulations to you! I hope I get a chance to read it!

  10. Ha! I feel exactly like I did last week (the kids’ closet needs to be cleaned, Carter has a sniffly nose)…only I’ve been getting really wonderful emails from people, that part has been TERRIFIC!

  11. My brotherinlaw just gave me a copy today…he took it from the waiting room at a clinic he works at when he saw the cover. Just beautiful Jennifer!!!! Cannot wait for your book too!

    I do hope we see more covers of mags with our beauties! All the babies at the photo shoot were so so adorable and I hope the rest of the world agrees too! I can not wait to share this with a mom in my area expecting a little girl soon with something extra. I have to see if I have the Feb 2001 cover here somewhere…I was a prego mom then and the cover looks so familiar to me. Maybe it is here somewhere.

    I feel so proud to be part of this activisim and excited too! Now to get busy and write something for my local organizations newsletter. A baby step but every step does make a huge difference.

    Thank you!!!

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