Big Boy Bed


The time has come: the last child, in a real bed. And of course, there’s more to the story, which I write about it this week in “A Little More” at ParentDish.


4 thoughts on “Big Boy Bed

  1. A lovely post! My twins got a bunk bed when they were four, but I still have to lie down with them every night until they go to sleep, and they still come to the Mommy and Daddy bed all the time, although it’s not big enough for four people!!! But here in Japan, families often sleep together, or at least in the same room, forever.

  2. We put an old ottoman at the foot of our son’s big boy bed. It was a comfortable place for us to sit, but he used it to climb in and out of the bed (which for some reason, is very high with the box spring and mattress). Just recently we moved the ottoman and put his wooden toy box at the foot of the bed. He’s tall enough now to do without, but old habits are hard to break. He still climbs up on the toy box and then bounces into bed.

    By the way, I loved this piece Jennifer. There are so many things that mark the passage of time as our children grow, so many things that show us how far they’ve come, how far they have to go. You have a wonderful way of making these ordinary things very special. It really is a gift.

  3. Oh I loved, loved, loved this post! I am anxiously awaiting the day that Nik figures out how to climb out of his crib; getting him to actually *stay* in a bed…that’s a tough one! I think Nik is the polar opposite of Avery in terms of “flexibility.” Nik wants it all and he wants it *yesterday* but he doesn’t want to have it given to him; he wants to get up and get it for himself! LOL

    I like the idea of the step ladder…a nice compromise so Avery *could* come say “Good morning, Mama” and start your day with his beautiful smile!

  4. Hannah ‘slides’ out of her ‘big bed’ pretty easily to come and visit mum and dad. We have had to put a step ladder near it though for when one of us says “Get to bed Hannah!’ and she has learned to climb into bed – and uses the step ladder more creatively too – like for pulling up next to her daddy when she is demanding to be picked up and he has been too slow to respond!!

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