Good Things Giveaway


A long while ago, someone told me about a new term, “Generation X,” and asked what I thought of it.

“It’ll never stick,” was my reply. “Too generic.”

Later, someone told me about a new television show, where people were stranded on a tropical island and forced to survive by slowly voting each other off.

“Too complicated,” was my first thought.

And more recently, I learned of a new type of shoe called Crocs.

Of them, I thought, “Who’s gonna wear plastic shoes?”

So when I say that I don’t like something, or don’t “get” a new idea or product, maybe that’s the best sign of a sure-thing.

Which brings me to Scott Seegert’s book, It’s a Guy Thing, which the good people at Three Rivers Press kindly shared with me. It’s a Guy Thing is a collection of “Awesome Real Innovations from the Underdeveloped Male Mind.” It includes things like Albert’s Helmet-Mounted Pistol and Bill’s Inflatable Floating Furniture and John’s Head-Butt Game.

I’ll say it right here: I don’t get this book.

It could be that what I’ve read about mommy-bloggers is true; that I’m only interested in the minutiae of my own daily life and the lives of other mothers. The books I typically read are nonfiction accounts of mothering and motherhood; or books about writing; or books about Down syndrome: which makes me guilty-as-charged, I suppose.

It could be that I’m the only female in a male-dominated household; I get my fill of Guy Things each and every day, and while most of the time I love dog-piles and fake farts and the burp alphabet, when I have a free moment, I tend to reach for the books that are just for me.

Or, it could be this: I’m terrible at predicting the next-big-thing, and maybe this is it.

If you’re interested in drawing your own conclusions about It’s a Guy Thing, leave your name in the comments and I’ll choose a winner.

UPDATE: Jen, the book is yours (or maybe, your husband’s?) Send me a snail-mail address at jennifer (at) jennifergrafgroneberg (dot) com. Congrats!


3 thoughts on “Good Things Giveaway

  1. My husband and I went to see “Superbad” over the weekend. When I was discussing it with my 10 year old daughter, who asked, “how was it?” and read in my silence the answer, then replied, “It’s a guy movie.”

    There really is a “difference.” I don’t know how else to put it.

  2. Another lone woman here!

    Don’t worry too much about your reading habits. I try and force myself to branch out when I am in a rut and it will not work. I just have to wait for the right moment for some books.

  3. As the only female in an all-male household as well, I’d be interested in seeing what it’s all about. I bet my husband would love to read it!

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