Baby Belly


There’s a new “Off the Beaten Path” post up at It’s about pregnant women: why I love them, and why I no longer know what to say when I meet a woman with a big baby belly.

4 thoughts on “Baby Belly

  1. I really would like someone to tell me what to say, so I’m posting this here too (already put it on the Mamazine site).

    I have a different struggle though: what to say to a parent of a child with Down syndrome when my son isn’t with me? While pregnant with my daughter, I was in line at a pizza place behind a woman who had 2 children with her. When the cashier offered stickers to the kids, she told the young woman that her son could have one. I wondered why on earth her daughter couldn’t and looked closer. Her daughter had been hiding her face a bit so I hadn’t noticed her eyes. I was struck so hard by how beautiful her daughter was that it made me cry. Sure, maybe it was my hormones gone wild, but I think that I knew that before my son was born I wouldn’t have seen how beautiful her daughter was. And I just didn’t know what to say to this woman who looked like she was very tired after work and just wanted to get her pizza and go home. I didn’t want her to think my tears were fear for my unborn baby or pity for her, so I hid them.

    Maybe it’s because my son has “soft features” and it’s often a surprise to people that he has Ds that I’m sensitive to walking up and assuming that a child has Ds. I don’t want to walk up to a parent and strike up a conversation about “my son has Ds too” and then be wrong. But I’m awfully tired of saying nothing! Does anyone have any tips for me?

  2. A brilliant article Jennifer – and I can really relate to it – recently I had a work acquaintance who is pregnant say something like the ‘so long as it is healthy …’ then she looked at me and got embarassed – no need – I know what she means – that was me too, once. I loved your last line – it encapsulates my sentiments to this woman – I wish her all the happiness and joy of pregnancy and mothering that I have been blessed to experience – it truly is a wonderful thing.

  3. Jennifer–Once again you said the things that so many of us feel. Sometimes when we are out & about I see the look of pity in a person’s eyes and think “If they only knew how blessed we are…”
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful words!

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