A postcard from the road

Did you know that at most McDonald’s, you can get wi-fi access (and a plug, which is important for my hinky old laptop) for $2.95?

So we are in a little ranching town called Dillon, Montana. There are more cows than people here, which if you ask Tom, is just about perfect. Avery loves cows, and says “moo” each time he sees one. Which means, he’s saying “moo” quite a lot around here.

To those of you who’ve emailed or sent comments, I tried to reply to as many messages as I could. And we’ll be at the Buddy Walk Saturday, then home after that. Thank you for all the well-wishes, and for keeping in touch!


8 thoughts on “A postcard from the road

  1. I did not know that about McDonald’s. That company knows its customers! I discovered your blog today (I have a story in Bonnie Bruno’s book and saw your givewaway – how nice!), and enjoyed reading several posts. God bless you and your family. Lovely reading.

  2. Hee Hee Hee…..Dillon, that is halfway between my house and Missoula which is where we stop for gas when we venture up that way.

    Hope you have had a wonderful time, and have fun at your buddy walk!!!

    Oh, and MOO.

  3. I hear “Moo cow” everyday on the way home from daycare. W.W. loves the “moo cows” too. His other favorite at the moment is “horsey trailer.” Everytime we see a trailer he says it. At home he thinks that whenever the truck goes anywhere the horsey trailer should go with it. : )

  4. McDonalds knows where we live. First, it was those treacherous Happy Meals, with toys! And we had to listen to our children beg. THEN, just when they got old enough to haul around the country, Mickey-Ds put in Playlands, black holes that sucked our children in but with magical entries too small for the Mommy-sized rear to follow. And finally, just as Mom begins to see that the Happy Meals and the Playlands have tricked a generation of Mommies and Daddies into subsisting largely on starch soaked in fat, NOW McDonalds, insidiously, offers Wi-Fi, the ultimately Playland for Mommy herself.

    We’ll never see Size 10 again.

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