Humble pie


For the past week or so, I’ve been working on the final, copyedited version of my book. All the typos and gramatical errors and style changes are noted in red pencil; it’s my job to go through them and accept or reject each change, and correct anything else I might find. It’s my last task, and after it, I’ll be ready to let go of this story.

It’s humbling, thinking of all the people who have helped me with this book. My friends and family, who blessed me twice, by being in my life, and then by letting me write about them. My agent, who believed in the story and found a good home for it. My editor, who helped make the book the best it can be; the artist who designed the cover; the copyeditor, who worked on the text. And there will be more people to come–book designers and publicists and book buyers, book sellers and finally, not least of all, readers.

More humbling even, is this: an astute reader noticed my last name is misspelled on the front cover. It’s easily corrected, but I had to laugh. It’s like finding out that you’ve had a little piece of spinach in your teeth all afternoon; or that you’ve been walking around with a white train of toilet paper attached to your shoe.

Or this: you’re packing up the car with the diaper bag and the extra diapers and the wipes and a sippy and a cup of Cheerios; a change of outfits and a bottle of lotion and wipes and the Whoozit and a binky. You’re pleased that you’ve remembered all these things, each of these little details has been attended to, until you drive off and realize, We forgot the baby!

And now, after missing the typo in my own last name, I wonder what else I’m forgetting?

18 thoughts on “Humble pie

  1. So funny. Exactly like spinach in your teeth. But congratulations on the book! It’s so exciting (I imagine)to be at that point with it! Celebrate!

  2. How exciting! When the book comes out be sure to let me know so that we an promote it like crazy on! I can’t guarantee that we will put it on the NY Times best seller list but we can try!!!

  3. oh my! it’s the kind of thing i would absolutely miss–i’d just assume my name was right and spend time on the inside!

    the book looks great! i can’t wait to read it.

    and by the way, i got my book. thank you so much!!!

  4. As above – am looking forward to reading it. I am reading Adults with DS at the moment and that is very well done. Also The Short Bus which is different I have to say but so far ok. Yours I know will be a winner! My husband is in publishing and I have to say that you would so NOT be the first to have a typo like that on the cover. The cover BTW looks great.

  5. I’m so excited for you that your book is closer to getting published- love the cover! Sometimes its the most common thing that gets overlooked, I probably wouldn’t have looked that closely at my own last name either, at least someone caught it! I’m sure your book will be wonderful – as all of your writings are!

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