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Amy DeRogatis from Life According to Emma and Joe has written a stunning and beautiful essay for This I Believe, which is “a public dialogue about belief, one essay at a time” affiliated with NPR (as if I needed one more reason to love NPR: now they’re publishing writing like Amy’s!)

She writes, in part:

Rudolph Otto the German theologian defined “the holy” as a numinous experience: a mysterious sacred moment of both fear and fascination. This transcendent instant can bring either bliss or terror. After the birth of my son I have come to understand the numinous in its most vital sense: truth holds opposites in tension.

(To read the full essay, go here.)

5 thoughts on “Read this

  1. I have been hoping a mom of a kid with Ds would write something for this! It seemed like the perfect place to share what we know to be true about our kids! Thanks for the heads up!

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