Where we are now


This week’s “A Little More” post at ParentDish is about evaluations: how we measure, what we measure, and why it’s important to keep it all in perspective.


5 thoughts on “Where we are now

  1. I agree, Kim, excellent point! And what I find compelling is that we have a choice. We have the choice in how we determine what’s important to us and in how we live our lives.

  2. We’re all good at some things and crap at others. Everytime we do a broad based evaluation we only see the bits where we don’t measure up.

    Concentrating on the achievements leads to a far happier life

  3. This hits home, having just completed and turned in to the school psych. my son’s BASC (or something like that). Anyway, the questions struck me as a bit offensive, simply because there was no context. Questions that taken and answered without some sort of accompanying explanation fail miserably to capture the developmental gains my son has made. How can I possibly force my child into a box that only allows for almost always, sometimes, often and never??

    I hate it. And I hate all the reasons why we have to do it.

  4. I always feel those tests are never quite right, and I love that you mentioned how your own test would be. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. The important stuff can’t be measured. 🙂

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