This week’s “A Little More” post at ParentDish is about Down syndrome, prenatal testing, and baking cupcakes from a pre-packaged mix, the kind with candy sprinkles in the middle.



6 thoughts on “Sweet

  1. Shelley, thank you for your encouragement! And Michelle, no worries! A post like this really opens up the way for thoughts and discussions, and I’m glad/sorry (what’t the right word here?) to know that I’m not the only one who eventually decided to just stop reading.

  2. I used to lurk on the term. for med reasons board at baby center – I don’t know why I did, but I was drawn in for some reason. It hurt to read so many posts of women tx when they got that Ds dx. They had so many misconceptions, thought it would ruin their marriage, and wondered ‘what would this do to my other children?’ – I never got that … how about what would it do to your children to find out you tx their sibling? I cried reading about the lady who had b/g twins and found out the girl twin had Ds and chose to tx her…and later named her Kayla. I finally, finally had to stop reading and now, thankfully, I don’t go over there anymore. It hurts to much to read about all those babies losing their lives.

    Beautiful post about your family just making sweets together – sorry I didn’t mean to get off on my tangent above 🙂

  3. A perfect post Jennifer. Thank you so much for writing about these issues so eloquently and beautifully. I am sure that your gentle but strong words will help make our communities more open to the beauty of people like your Avery and my Hannah. Thanks

  4. Thank you, mum2brady! You’re right…we know what we have, at least there’s that.

    And thank you too, Anne. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who has trouble shrugging it off…it makes my heart hurt, too.

  5. Jennifer, thank you for writing this. I loved it. I am often sucked into similar frays on other blogs and web sites. I always tell myself that I won’t read it, or won’t respond, or that I don’t care. But I do care. I care very much. And it makes my heart hurt. I wish people knew how beautiful and precious every child in the world is, differently-abled or not.

  6. Oh – I love it – great piece Jennifer 🙂 I think that your three sweet boys are perfect, and that no matter what that dad thinks now, or in the future – WE know that he missed out on something special, something he didn’t even know he had or appreciate, simply because he was afraid of the unknown and didn’t want to find what we have.

    I love your articles – they always make think 🙂

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