5 writing strengths

Kristen of From here to there and back tagged me for this meme, which I think is a terrific one. Recently, I’ve written about my desire to resist looking at my children in terms of what’s missing–I’d much rather see them for all that they are. Why not apply this philosophy to the writing life, as well?

So here’s my list of 5 things I think are strengths for me as a writer:

1) I’m stubborn. I know this is a funny thing to list as a strength, but for a writer, I believe it is. You have to stick with it, sometimes for a long time, before you begin to see results.

2) I love to revise. It makes me very, very happy!

3) I love words. Finding the perfect word makes me almost as happy as revising!

4) I love to read. One of my favorite things in life is reading a finely-told story.

5) Rejection is a tool that can help you. I’ve learned to take what I can from every “No” I hear.

So now I tag fellow-writers Karen from Lion and Magic Boy, Pat from Patricia Wood Aboard SV Orion, and the women from The Writer’s Group, who are enjoying many successes lately, congratulations!



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