Did I really just say that?

Last week I spoke with Mary Pickett, a reporter for the Billings Gazette. We talked about the upcoming High Plains Book Fest in Billings, Montana, and about Road Map to Holland, too.

This was the scene: me, locked in the bedroom. Bennett and Avery, sure that I was up to something fun without them, were softly knocking at the door, and sometimes slipping things beneath the door, such as the dinosaur coloring book and an orange crayon. Tom was home too, and rescued me from the soft-knocking and slipped a note of his own underneath the door, “Need anything? I’m proud of you!”

So at one point I think I said something about “the grand themes of literature,” and how they should include writing about parenthood (ugh. Grand themes? Did I really say that?) and later, I think I rambled on and on about the contributors to My Heart’s First Steps (all these years later, I’m still very proud of them!).

Mary asked me terrific questions, and I think she made me sound better than I really did. Thank you for writing about us, Mary.



8 thoughts on “Did I really just say that?

  1. I think you sound fantabulous, and I’m sure it was all you! It’s a very good article, although she does use the “DS children” phrase…:(

    Have a great time at your workshop!

  2. Thank you for reading! And you all need to know about this stuff, even the crayons under the door, because some day one of you will be NEXT.

    Who’s it gonna be??? 🙂

  3. You’re right, she did a very nice job. It’s pretty perfect. Not surprising, look what she had to work with. I LOVED the kids shoving stuff under the door, Jen…including Tom! What more can you ask for in life?

  4. Mary had great material (YOU) to work with. This is a lovely article. I especially like the opening…
    “Being a parent is one of the most profound human experiences.” Certainly sets the tone that it’s not just “mommy ramblings” any more!

    Wish I could go to your workshop; you are helping many of us find our voices and shape our stories into somethig more meaningful than just cute or poignant anecdotes.

    I can’t wait to get the *actual* book!!

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