Get Caught Reading!

Kelly from Where There’s A Will has created a wonderful blog challenge and giveaway called “Get Caught Reading!” She writes:

I am having a blog-giveaway! In an effort to familiarize you with your local independent bookstore and show people that an extra chromosome is not a barrier to reading, I am asking for pictures of your favorite person ~with a little extra~, reading. The prize is a $25. gift card that is redeemable at any participating independent bookstore across the US. Here is the link to the BookSense website, it can tell you where your local independent bookstore is, if you haven’t already discovered it.

So, email me your photo submissions of a reader (or readers) with Down syndrome, and I will post them here. The drawing is going to be on my birthday, Nov. 19th -isn’t it nicer to give than to receive? ;)-so you have lots of time to capture a book lover with T21 (or a picture of your T21 pre-reader enjoying a book with someone else!) and send it in. Remember to include some favorite book titles too!

I’ve written before about our time in the NICU and the nurse who, not meaning to be unkind, said it was such a shame that Avery had Down syndrome, since Tom and I were writers and Avery would never be able to read our books.

I know now that she was wrong to assume that Avery would never learn to read. I know this firsthand, because of a mom named Caroline and her son, Robby, who has Down syndrome. When Avery was still just a baby, Caroline invited me to her house to meet Robby, and in the overstuffed chair in their family room, Robby, who was then 6, read a picture book to me.

As part of this blogging challenge, Melissa from Banana Migraine tagged me with this reading meme: “The rules are simple: List your (and your kids’) current seven favorite children’s books, along with their authors. Then, if you’re so inclined, tag seven fellow bloggers to do the same.”

Here are our 7 favorites:

1) Sweet Dream Pie, Audrey Wood (because of all the pies we’ve been baking! This is a fantastic story about a wild night of pie-eating.)

2) If You Find a Rock, by Peggy Christian (everyone in our family loves rocks, and this story is so fun to think about when you’re rock-collecting.)

3) Russ and the Firehouse, Jane Elizabeth Rickert (a boy with DS spends a day at the firehall; this is Bennett’s favorite book right now.)

4) Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go (both little boys love the detailed drawings and can spend long moments concentrating on them.)

5) Everyone Poops, by Taro Gomi (it’s true!)

6) Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak (this is Avery’s favorite, because he’s our little lion-boy).

7) And my favorite-favorite, because I love this book and because it’s written and illustrated by Kyra’s husband Dave and so every time we read it, I feel as if we’re going over to Fluffy’s house: Another Day in the Milky Way, by David Milgrim.

And 7 tags: Kyra at, Vicki at Speak Softly…, Dawn at This Woman’s Work, Sue at Apostrophe Suz, Melissa at Making Things Up, Kate at Mother Words, and Suzanne at Gaijin Mama.



9 thoughts on “Get Caught Reading!

  1. Oh! I’m so behind in my reading! It’s always SO WONDERFUL to come over to your ‘house’. I love this blog!!!

    And HUGE thanks on Dave’s behalf for loving The Milky Way book. It’s a favorite in our house too 🙂

    Thanks for the tag. I’m excited to do our seven.


  2. My Girly Girl is 9, and in 4th Grade. She reads ALL the time. She loves Berenstain Bear books and Mercer Mayer “Little Critter” and Barbie chapter books and Henry & Mudge, etc.

    She even reads MY writing, and I write for adults.

    LOVE the contest idea! Thanks for pointing us toward it, Jennifer.

  3. I have many memories of my Uncle Lorin who had Down Syndrome reading out loud. He loved reading “Dick and Jane” and read to us all the way to California (15 hours in the car). LOL. He could also read the “TV Guide”…. at least those shows that were important to him, the channel and the time. It still makes me smile just thinking about it;)

  4. What a great photo. It never occurred to us that Hannah wouldn’t read – in our house?? That would be impossible!! She may have difficulty learning to ‘read’ of course but as with most of the ‘challenges’ sent her way – she tackles them head on and persists until she masters them. I often find her and Kit ‘reading’ their books in their room in the morning when they are left on their own and we aren’t hurrying out the door. In fact I have successfully had them ‘read’ me Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox – they love it and the pictures combined with such simple text means that they really can ‘read’ the book aloud – and feel very proud of themselves too the little brats!

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