Look at me!


My sister’s (Hi, Glynnis!) favorite holiday is just 6 days away. This week’s “A Little More” post at ParentDish is in honor of her, and how I finally learned to love Halloween.



6 thoughts on “Look at me!

  1. I loved your post at PD – just didn’t have time this morning to say so there.

    I hope you enjoy Halloween. It’s not way up there on my list but the kids love it so much.

  2. Guess what I did? I put up a Halloween-ish wreath on the front door and I added a few corn stalks to the porch rails…who IS this new woman????

    I hope it lasts! Candy corn for everyone!

  3. I guess I am alone in my Halloween Grinchness for now. I think once Nik takes an interest in it I may enjoy it more. Sigh…

    Beautiful insight though, Jennifer. I appreciate that.

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