Saving the dirty glass for myself


I know I need to take better care of myself. Everyone tells moms that: you have to take care of yourself! What I don’t know is how to do it. It’s the subject of this week’s “A Little More” post at ParentDish.

And I’m wondering, what do you do to take care of yourself? Any tips for me?


10 thoughts on “Saving the dirty glass for myself

  1. Basketball. I love the game, I coach it and play it! It makes me happy! I think it makes me a better mom sometimes too cause I don’t feel like I have to give it up for my family. It keeps me…ME!

  2. Funny, Tammy and I had the exact same thought about taking care of ourselves. I don’t take care of myself as much as I should.

    I guess my blog is my biggest release.

    Now that Andy’s been laid off again, I am going to have 5 kids to take care of during the day. 😉 So ME minutes are going to be very few and far between.

    I do have a small Bath and Body Works fetish, (okay it’s huge) when ever I have any extra money I ususally splurge it there. It always makes me feel better when I smell good, and Bath and Body Works smells oh so yummy!!!

  3. Take care of myself? Seriously? To tell you the truth since this summer I’ve had to do a bit of relying on drugs to get me through this time right now.

    How embarrassing is that? That is one of the reasons I tend to roll my eyes each time someone comments on what a strong woman I must be.

    Uh. Yeah. Uh Huh.

    I haven’t showered in three days. Haven’t slept in..well I forget.

    And lucky us, we get to go through another surgery next week.

    I wish there were some kind of wall socket I could plug myself into and just recharge.

  4. I used to flood my child with kid music which of course they loved and listened to over and over and it did drive me a little crazy and they could care less about it now. And I read a sad story I have somewhere of a mom who played the music SHE loved for her child: the Beatles. The child adored the music. It had a sad ending because the child died, but she would always have that bond with him. And why not? The old rock and roll songs are all love songs. Totally appropriate for mothers and their little sons. I’ll look for the story if you are interested. It was a beautiful little NY Times personal piece titled with one of the apt Beatles songs. I wish I had done that.

  5. What do I do? I buy pricey (but great!) bath products from and take a nice warm bath.
    I joined a book club and meet with other moms. We eat and drink and have a great time.

  6. As I read your words and the comments above, I am oddly comforted in the knowledge that it is not just my unique pitfall! Like Kristen, I don’t know how NOT to do things for Nik; it is so deeply ingrained from our very unorthodox start. Yet, somehow, I manage to muddle through and rebound when I think I cannot even walk another step.

    Maybe the lesson here is that we don’t need to change it as much as simply accept it and know that a day will come when we ache for the days when we could wipe our child’s nose or kiss away the tears. At least, that’s my rationale!

  7. I have no suggestions on how to fix it, because I am guilty of the same thing. I just focus on the kids because each moment is so amazing to me and I know how fast it goes.

    Wonderful writing as always!

  8. Wonderful work, Jennifer…

    I have no words of advice. I collapse into bed every night at 11 pm, exhausted, having not sat down all day.

    I take solace in little things that I do for myself – my blog, a stolen bath, the monthly O magazine. Planning my route through a Starbucks drive-thru.

    I’ve figured out with three kids that there is no time to ‘carve out’ time for myself. Even though everybody tells me I am supposed to.

    So I incorporate little tiny pleasures through the day. Because I have that hulking 14 year old son, who towers over me at 6 feet tall. And I know his sister is three years behind and yes, Aaron too – is seven years after that.

    Blink and it is gone.

  9. I love your word pictures, eating the left over crusts of a PB&J, the end of a soggy cone. Old Ukrainian “Babushkee” would tell us young mothers to eat first, amazingly, since back then time it really was a “one or another” deal most of the time. The theory was if the mother did not have her strength, she wasn’t able to search for and prepare the next meal.

    I love that maternal instinct, personally, to intuitively know our young (or sometimes old LOL) and to feel their needs. It affirms me as a mother, and trust me, I need all the affirmation I can get.

    Great piece!

  10. I think what you describe in this piece is something we all do. I don’t know how NOT to do it.

    For me, with just one child, I find that I do for him long after he’s capable of doing it for himself and so I have to make a real effort to let go, stand back and give him the chance to do it alone or ask for help. When I do that consistently, then I have time or energy or the inclination to think about me. To walk away because I can and choose to do something for me instead of for him…

    It’s hard, though. Don’t you think it’s so very very hard?

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