To infinity and beyond


I have a younger sister; Tom has an older brother. This week in “A Little More” at ParentDish, I write about my own children, their sibling relationships, and my hope for the future.


4 thoughts on “To infinity and beyond

  1. Jennifer, the image of Carter flying Avery “to infinity and beyond” is spectacular. I imagine the joy on Avery’s face must look a bit like Nik’s face when his Daddy does something similar. It’s a look I haven’t yet been able to capture on film or video but is deeply imprinted on my heart.

    Your descriptions of the love and the hopes for the boys’ relationships with each other makes me tearfully wistful that Nik is an only child. But then, as the youngest of three who always felt “left out” maybe this is God’s way of compensating? 🙂

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