Bennett says:

“You’re a pee-pee head!”

I say: “We don’t call people pee-pee heads.”

Bennett says: “You’re a fancy-pants!”

Tom says, to me: “I think I’d rather be a pee-pee head than a fancy-pants.”


11 thoughts on “Bennett says:

  1. Now I’m the one giggling…fraidy cats and fancy babies and poo poo puters, koo koo heads, ha! I call everyone sweetie pies. Claudia, you’re a sweetie pie. (But you’re a peach, too. I guess that makes you a peach pie.)

    Have a great day, everyone!

  2. Oh I needed this giggle this morning! Thanks. And, well, I don’t know…it’s a tough call on the decision but I can understand how Tom wouldn’t want to be a “fancy pants!” 😉

  3. Jake taught Simon to hold his pinky up in the air and say, “I’m a fancy baby!”–it’s kind of from a Spongebob episode. It’s hilarious!
    I’m with Tom, though. Pee-pee head wins over fancy-pants.
    Oh, and one more funny thing. When Simon thinks I’ve been on the computer too long, he calls it a “poo-poo ‘puter.”

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