This incredible abstract painting is from the artist Lucy Mink. She sent it to me in the “31 for 21: Get it Down!” secret blogger exchange. (My secret blogger was the Upstate Update.)

The gift was supposed to cost $10 or less; Lucy’s gift to me is priceless.

I love everything about it: the colors, the shapes, the interplay between all the elements. Sometimes, it looks to me like there is an image of a pregnant woman in the background, which is particularly meaningful to me because in my own, abstract way, I feel 9 months pregnant, too.

I also love the circles, for a reason Lucy couldn’t possibly know. I’ve even written about it in Road Map:

All the children a woman will bear are present inside her even before she is born. They are created while she is still nothing more than a tiny form twisting and floating in utero. For a time, three generations—mother, daughter, and granddaughter—live as one.

To me, Lucy Mink’s painting is a visual representation of these words.

I want to thank Lucy for sharing her art with me: I promise to always keep it in a place of honor (right now, it’s above my writing desk). And I want to thank Tricia, for making this wonderful exchange happen.

14 thoughts on “Circles

  1. thanks so much for enjoying the painting, I’m really touched by you posting it and just so glad you love it. I did do that painting while pregnant and its watercolor due to me not being able to use oil paints while pregnant, I immersed my self in drawing and watercolors and sewing while pregnant with my first child, the second one well I was mostly chasing a toddler. this past June I finally started using oils again and now most of my work has many wax and oil layers with fabric, zippers and other collage materials.

    my sweet sweet husband is building me an artwork only website and hopefully it will be up and running in the spring.

    if you look around on my blog you can find paintings here and there.

    thanks again for the great comments and Jennifer I’m so glad you have that painting, I must of sent you the right one. i was debating between that one and another one, but I chose the right one.


  2. That’s a beautiful image, what a wonderful gift from your secret blogger. Very thoughtful. 🙂 I agree it does look like a pregnant woman in the background and somehow that makes the image all the more touching.

  3. Breathtaking…and I don’t say that lightly as I usually don’t care for “abstract” art. But the colors and the images. I can see exactly what you described, too. Maybe you could fnd a way to incorporate it into your sidebar with a link to her site?

  4. That is incredibly beautiful. I love the colors and everything about it, too. Will be checking out more of her work. And that quote from your book, Jennifer. Tears on a Monday morning – but good ones!

  5. Oh TM, I so much love hearing from you. And yes, I’d never thought of this before, but Emma Sage and you and your dear mother all shared the same life, for a time (as did all your blessed children). It is one of life’s best gifts.

  6. This is absolutely incredible…..I just love the colors and interplay and I too see the pregnant woman. Your thoughts about three generations in one gave me chills, as I have never thought of that before….but WOW!

    I understand why this will hold a place in your heart forever…it is beautiful.

  7. Wow! I will openly and freely admit I am jealous! This is a wonderful surprise! 🙂 It’s beautiful! Absolutely, and I TOTALLY get the things you see in it too! 🙂 Way to go, Lucy!

  8. Jordan, I don’t think I’ll ever want to write another post, because this one will move down. I love love love looking at Lucy’s art, online and in real life.

    One thing that doesn’t come through in the photograph is the textures; there are brush strokes that are very bold, and then there are others that are almost invisible. This, to me, is a metaphor for motherhood!!!

  9. This is beautiful! I’ll have to follow her link. I definitely see the pregnant woman in it, too. Very cool – it would make me happy to see something like that in my home all the time. Enjoy it!

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