Catching up


The kids and I have had a stomach bug and as Bennett would say, I’ve been getting behind-er and behind-er. There are so many things to post about! There’s this beautiful award from Killashandra of Full Time in NM: when she shared it with me, I emailed her that I was in a little internet fight with someone over their choice of language, and that I was feeling rather sheepish about it, but then her vote of confidence in me made my day. Thank you!

There’s been news in the Down syndrome community, too: the study from the University of Michigan that supports teaching children with Down syndrome to walk using treadmills. It’s not “new” news–I remember reading about this many years ago when Avery was a baby. I didn’t write about it immediately, because I didn’t know what to say.

Sometimes I think, Hooray! More opportunities for children to learn and grow! But other times I think, Why? I’m the mom to a laaaate walker, and all that time, Avery wasn’t just sitting still. He was busy working on his writing, and his coloring, and his fine motor skills. He was signing and practicing piano and playing blocks and puzzles and Legos. Now that he is walking, those things have taken a lesser role in his life, for now.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is this: let’s not forget the big picture. Let’s remember that development occurs in all kinds of ways, and that each child is unique, and has a right to learn and grow according to a map of their own design.

Too, there’s news on the political front: Senators Brownback and Kennedy are continuing to work on the prenatal diagnosis bill that Noelle of Jaden’s Journal worked so hard to promote. The link to this story takes you to the website of Patricia E. Bauer, which deserves a mention all it’s own–the site is a terrific place to find news and commentary relating to a variety of disability issues.

I think that’s it! Time to eat more soup!


6 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. It’s a funny thing developement. My twins didnt walk until 18 and 22 months (William with DS only trailed his *typical?*sister by 4 months).

    So basically I hear in terms of DS that he walked early. However, there’s no coloring, signing, talking, etc. His sister does enough for both of them right now, especially the talking. And the youngest is catching up fast..

    The bright side is I have almost three year old twins and a 21 month old and I only have to listen to one child scream “No Mommy”.

    See? I never thought I’d be happy for a delay.

  2. You are very deserving of the award – congrats!

    I hope you are feeling better – being sick is not fun.

    Development can be so frustrating, but I think I’ve learned to just go with the flow and enjoy the ride!

  3. Yes, that **is** a word I would use to describe you, too…Integrity. 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better! I just assumed you were being true to your threat, er uh promise, and not posting another thing so you could keep that gorgeous art work at the top of the page! 😉

    Seriously, yes, we all need to remember that our kidsa re developing all the time and at their own speeds. Sometimes I wonder if Nik’s progress is from therapy and interventions or from plain old love and exploring through play? A bit of both, I guess, but it’s a crap shoot which one’s in the lead on any given day.

  4. Oh development… sigh. I think the very best thing therapists and others can do for our kids is remind us of all they’re already doing. After I posted about Evan not reading, a friend of mine reminded me of the video I posted when Evan first started to walk. What a milestone. I’m glad we didn’t have him on a treadmill (literal or otherwise) but I sure do understand parents who would want to speed it all up. What else is there to say?

    Congratulations on the award. You’ve earned it!

  5. Thanks Jennifer. 🙂

    I’m sorry everyone was down with the stomach bug. I hope you are all feeling better and eating something besides saltines. 😉

    Kids develop at their own pace no matter what. It’s who they are and I get frustrated at people who think they can speed up their development. *sigh*

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