Just for fun

Jodi at Reimer Reason has written a beautiful “I Am” poem, and has been working with other moms as they write their own poems. Here is the template:

I AM (title)

I am (fill in the blank) I am a soccer player….I am a grandfather…

I wonder

I hear

I see

I want

I am

I pretend

I feel

I touch

I worry

I sadden

I am

I understand

I dream

I try

I say

I hope

I am

And here’s my “I Am” poem:

I am me.

I wonder what this means to you?

I hear you.

I see you.

I want you to hear me and see me, too.

I am me.

I pretend as little as I’m able.

I feel you know this about me, already?

I touch the soft hair of my little boys and I kiss the tops of their heads.

I worry they won’t know how much I love them.

I sadden to think others won’t love them as much as I do.

I am their mom.

I understand the world is a complex place.

I dream that some day, people will celebrate its differences.

I try to help make this happen.

I say, “See my life? It’s not so very different from yours, afterall.”

I hope you hear me.

I am the voice of my son, until he has words of his own.

UPDATED TO ADD: if you’d like to read more “I Am” poems, go to Fulltime in NM, and Thismom.com, and Big Blueberry Eyes.


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