40% off!


I’ve written before about Brighter Minds Media, because they have terrific products and they are a company I feel good about supporting. Lately, at our house, we’ve been loving “Moo, Moo Who are You?” and “Feeling Happy” and “Guess Who I Am?“: all are sturdy board books that encourage multiple ways of learning. The book about animal sounds is terrific for speech therapy; the book about feelings has a built-in wheel a child (or parent) can spin to match your mood (good fine motor practice!); the last one is also a puzzle, which encourages visual memory and problem solving. All good things! But what I like best about these books is that they are fun.

And another good thing: Brighter Minds Media has created a discount code for bloggers, for 40% off everything on http://www.brightermindsmedia.com. To receive the special price, enter the code “BLOG” at the checkout.

Happy reading!


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