Snow angels


Guess what happened at our house? It snowed! I write about it this week for “A Little More” at ParentDish.


7 thoughts on “Snow angels

  1. Jennifer
    It is amazing how you describe something so indescribable. That vein of the soul that beats in that gifted boy of yours. Thank you!

  2. Love this, Jennifer. I’ve heard the “he’s an angel” thing many times, too. As best I can figure its because Archie seems to bring out the best in nearly everyone he meets.

  3. Beautiful as always. You really captured the contradictions of wanting your child with special needs to ‘be like everyone else’ (and knowing that they often are!) and yet explain something of the mystery that they also hold for us – the feelings they can arouse in us and others – the way they can expand our world. Thanks for writing it. Happy Chirstmas!

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