More on the Kennedy-Brownback Bill

This information is from Leticia, who blogs at Cause of Our Joy:

NDSC and NDSS have been following this bill, the “Prenatally and Postnatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act,” S. 1810, since its introduction in 2005 and successfully promoted improved language that was included in the latest version which was introduced in July, 2007.

We have been informed by Senate staff members that Senator Edward Kennedy (D.MA) and Senator Sam Brownback (R.KS) are scheduling a briefing for the other members of the Senate Health Education Labor Pensions (HELP) Committee on January 16, 2008, the second day of the next Congressional session. The HELP committee has jurisdiction over this bill.

After this briefing, a date for a “mark-up” has been scheduled for January 23rd. The mark-up is a process that takes place in committee when a piece of legislation is analyzed section by section and changes are made, if necessary. Generally, the bill then can be brought to the floor for a vote or attached to another piece of legislation that is moving through Congress.

Throughout the various stages, Governmental Affairs staff members will be closely monitoring the proposed legislation.

NDSC and NDSS are working closely with congressional staff members to facilitate the movement of the legislation. Please pay close attention to future recommendations for action made in Newslines and Alerts. The timeliness of your advocacy efforts at that point will be critical. We will keep readers informed so the membership can advocate at a time when their contacts will have the greatest impact.

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