Red and green and blue

It’s Thursday again, already! This week for “A Little More” at ParentDish, I write about what comes after Christmas, when you’re a 4-year-old: if it were a children’s book, it would be called, “The Very Very Sad Day When Nothing Could Go Right And Everything Was Too Tight.”


2 thoughts on “Red and green and blue

  1. Beautiful, Jennifer. I’ve decided the great thing about being away from all my family at the holidays is that I miss that big letdown – it just doesn’t happen. Of course, I miss a lot of great stuff, too, and isn’t it always a trade off one way or another?

  2. Oh, Jennifer, that was soooo beautiful and, well, kinda sad. But in a good way. I *try* to remind myself that the gift in being able to feel the sadness is the gift of being able to feel the joy, too. Then I weep a little and put on some happy music. I challenge the boys to feel sad when there is happy music playing.

    And I always find some new windmill to tilt at in an effort to keep focused on the future. Sometimes it actually works! LOL

    And the title for the book…I’d read a book with that title. It sounds like it’s just waiting for the ending to be written…

    Sending you all oodles of non-Christmas love and hugs. xo

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