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Early learning

This week at ParentDish, I’m thinking about letters, and words, and taking risks, and the strange, whooshing sound the snow makes as it slides off the green metal roof.

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I just got my first review for Roadmap to Holland,

from Publisher’s Weekly: Montana wife and mother Groneberg traces in her tenderly moving account the life-changing realization after the premature birth of her twin boys that one of them, Avery, has Down syndrome. Utterly unprepared for the emergency C-section of … Continue reading

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For those of you who have asked…

1) The water heater is fixed.  No one knows why it broke, or why it works, but as the ranch forman said, “I’d rather be lucky than good.”  (Which I love.  I’d rather be lucky than good, too!) 2) Recently, the … Continue reading

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This week at ParentDish, I write about neighbors, past and present, and about an accidental discovery I made in our new, old house.

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I wrote this in an email to a friend back home, whom I miss very much…and I’ll share it here, too: What I’ve mostly been doing are the daily tasks of life, now the water heater is fixed but no … Continue reading

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A life in old photographs

It’s Thursday!  And this week at ParentDish, I write about fear, change, and the peeling wallpaper in our new, old house.

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Hats in the attic

Tucked away in the eaves of this 70-year-old log house we’ve taken on the job of making inhabitable are a half-dozen hat boxes, filled with vintage ladies’ hats. Now I will tell you that in the basement is every glass jar this family ever … Continue reading

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MotherTalk Blog Book Tour: Persian Girls

I read Nahid Rachlin’s Persian Girls: A Memoir in the dead of a Montana winter. The rush and glow of the holiday season had passed over us, and we were left with long, gray days and even longer, darker nights. … Continue reading

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A new beginning

Many of you know my husband Tom wrote 2 books about our life in the West–and his, and my love of the history and traditions of ranch life. Recently, we had the opportunity to return to that part of us: … Continue reading

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This is a rambling sort of story, so bear with me: Carter, now that he’s 9, was going to open a savings account. As I was making the plans for this (does our bank have savings accounts for minors, what … Continue reading

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A roar for powerful words!

Niksmom of Maternal Instincts shared this award with me, described here, and from the post: “A Roar For Powerful Words is the chance to scream from the mountains the good news about the powerful posts that are produced every day … Continue reading

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Another reason to support genetic diversity…

New research by Roger H. Reeves, PhD, a professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, shows that the genetic roots of Down syndrome may protect against cancer. The full article, “Down Syndrome May Curb Cancer,” reads, in part: “If … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Baby

No, we didn’t have another baby a few days ago! This is the story of Carter, my firstborn, and though it happened 9 years ago, it seems more vivid and clear to me than anything I did just yesterday. It’s … Continue reading

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Happy 2008!

This year, I resolve to: laugh more, play more, write letters, learn photography, take chances, say “I’m sorry” more often, listen, slow down, appreciate.

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