A life in old photographs

It’s Thursday!  And this week at ParentDish, I write about fear, change, and the peeling wallpaper in our new, old house.


3 thoughts on “A life in old photographs

  1. Oh, Jennifer, this left me full of awe and curiosity! The “old” news woman in me is dying to find a way to research the property and find out more about the original owners and trace their family to find out more.

    I’m reading Tom’s (first) book now and have just gotten to the part you are looking over the ranch property as you consider buying. Already, I am in awe at the pluck and fortitude you both have! I don’t consider myself to be a namby-pamby at all but I think I would have caved looong before then! LOL

    I have no doubt that you will make this new adventure a complete success. If not, you will have at least hada grand adventure together with your family and gotten even stronger as a result.

    I so wish I lived nearby! I am agog at this house already with it’s secret compartments, Paris hats, and all!

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