I wrote this in an email to a friend back home, whom I miss very much…and I’ll share it here, too:

What I’ve mostly been doing are the daily tasks of life, now the water heater is fixed but no washer, yes dryer so I’ve been washing things by hand. We have to feed the massive wood stove every hour and there is lots to do with keeping warm. And too, the cleaning, which seems endless: as soon as something is tidied up, the stark comparison with all that’s around it means there is just more to clean.

But! It’s not all bleak. We had a fresh snowfall in the night and there is a lovely sledding hill here. And like magic, this old house provides what we most need…there was a blue plastic sled in the cellar. Who knew? So the kids and I had a happy afternoon of sledding, then hot cocoa, and there was a moment, sitting in the kitchen with my 3 frosty-cheeked children, when I felt completely filled with gratitude, and I thought, What more than this? What more could I possibly need?


13 thoughts on “Snowfall

  1. What more could you need indeed!!!! I love moments like that, and try to hard to fill my life with them.

    I was telling my son Otto this evening while we were driving to the library [what an amazing treasure a library is] about the economy…he is 11 and is going to join the ‘stock market’ club at school and knew that I was a stock broker in my younger days [I know 44 is old]….and we were talking about the market, recession [he has been listening in on the news] and who important it is for people to realize that you can only spend what you can comfortably earn….and then he started talking about all the really cool and fun things you can do that don’t cost money [like the library…..and he even mentioned a day of sleighriding]…so my long winded comment to say: “I loved your post” and I’m so happy you had three rosey cheeked children enjoying such a special time together.

  2. What more could you need indeed!! Sounds like a wonderful time, and a wonderful house full of treasures!!

    Wow, washing clothes by hand…’re my hero!! 😉

    Hope you are all staying nice and warm and toasty!!

    Many hugs….

    Pam and Rhett

  3. I do believe if you look in the dictionary under, “lemons into lemonade,” you’ll find Jennifer’s smiling picture there.

    Miss you, my friend! And stay warm!

  4. Picturing you with your rosy cheeked boys, savoring the warmth of the cocoa and the sunshine of their smiles. The house sounds like it “knows” what a family needs —including the challenges of water heaters, washing machines, and cleaning to balance with the simple, wondrous pleasures of sledding on a hillside of fresh fallen snow.

    Sighing with envy from the perpetually flat state of DE…

  5. I have moments like that every now and then, too. Wish I could get out of my own way to have even more of them…I think it’s a mental/emotional discipline to just live in the moment, one I haven’t developed quite fully yet!
    Sounds like a great time sledding! We’re boring flat midwesterners, too.

  6. You make roughing it sound so beautiful. Now that the hot water issue is fixed I hope that washer comes soon.

    Sledding sounds like great fun, we don’t have any hills around here that I am aware of…flat boring midwest.

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