I just got my first review for Roadmap to Holland,

from Publisher’s Weekly:

Montana wife and mother Groneberg traces in her tenderly moving account the life-changing realization after the premature birth of her twin boys that one of them, Avery, has Down syndrome. Utterly unprepared for the emergency C-section of the seven-week-early preemies, Groneberg and her writer husband, Tom, the parents of a four-year-old, are devastated by the news about Avery, and they must gradually alter their easygoing future plans about raising their kids. They reject the notion of adoption, suggested by a well-intentioned nurse at the hospital where the babies are ensconced in the neonatal intensive-care unit, and embark on an exhaustively trying, ultimately enlightening journey to care for the needy babies, especially Avery, and educate themselves about his condition. Rising from the shame of feeling that their family is “broken,” and letting slide hurtful comments by a grocery-store clerk or neighbor, Groneberg devoured books and information from the Internet, and began to foster their son’s development by seeking out physical therapists and specialists. Small gains in Avery’s motor skills were causes for celebration, and the beginning of speech the greatest gift the parents could ask for. Groneberg affectingly delineates these gradual, hardwon stages during Avery’s first year toward love and acceptance. (Apr.)


38 thoughts on “I just got my first review for Roadmap to Holland,

  1. Cannot wait to get my hands on a copy. I must admit to being slightly envious. I have toyed with the idea and I love writing about Charlie and now I’m thinking about giving up work…you never know – you could be my inspiration!

  2. Congratulations! I can’t wait to order my book and read every word! Plus, it will be a great addition to our library. Best of wishes to you and your family on such a great achievement!

  3. Oh goodness, this is wonderful. And PW no less. As a person who has worked as a publicist in a previous life, I know from experience that this is no easy task! Yippy, and a beautiful review. I’m so happy for you and I too cannot wait to read your book! 🙂

  4. Congrats, Jennifer! I am really looking forward to reading all the details of your story and learning more about Avery and the rest of your family — I’m certain I will be able to relate to much of it which is an incredible gift to fans like me. Here’s to many more excellent reviews to come!


  5. Thank you, my friends!

    I was very happy that PW even reviewed it; then I was happy the reviewer was kind!; and finally I was overjoyed that the references to Down syndrome were correct and that the language was respectful to Avery. To me, it meant the reviewer really “got” it!!!

  6. YAHOO!!!!!!!! Okay, just the tidbit about the adoption suggestion is enough to make me go preorder NOW. OMG, I cannot believe someone actually suggested such a thing!

    I feel like a pround Mama! LOL

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