Early learning

This week at ParentDish, I’m thinking about letters, and words, and taking risks, and the strange, whooshing sound the snow makes as it slides off the green metal roof.


6 thoughts on “Early learning

  1. I think that is such a univerasl theme of parenting, especially so for women, that we are too close to see where we are going until we stop and look back. Only then can we see the patterns which we’ve woven into the fabric of our lives. I don’t think this experience will change you so much as add even more depth —like the fine flecks of color in a pointellist paining that look one way up close and another from a distance. The overall picture would still be the same without some of those points but is made all the richer for their presence.

    I can’t wait to read more about the continuing adventures and the everday miracles unfolding.

  2. I can relate to the “too close to see” feeling. I echo that in so many areas of my life right now. And I wonder, will things ever die down enough for me to step back, and really look?

    Thanks for your post.

  3. Thank you for the glimpse into your thoughts. I find myself thinking some of the same things and it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

    I’m enjoying your experiences in your new, old house. What an adventure you have decided to take in your life.

  4. Gorgeous words as usual, Jen! Have to say, too, that what you wrote really touches me this week. Your thoughts feel very familiar right now. Thank you for that.

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