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I still have more to learn

A few days ago I was in a thrift store, shopping for little boys’ jeans and books and bowls.  I didn’t see what I was looking for, but I found something much more important instead, which I write about this week at … Continue reading

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Bioethics strikes again

Last week, there was a story in the news about a UNC college professor and his unhelpful opinion (in my opinion) about Down syndrome and pregnancy.  I’m only just now writing about it, but Patricia Bauer has been running excellent coverage … Continue reading

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Down syndrome and nutritional supplements

A study recently published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) concludes that giving supplemental antioxidants, or folate, or a combination of both to babies with Down syndrome does not increase language development or motor skills. The study was conducted on … Continue reading

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A poem

Carter is studying Haiku, a Japanese form of poetry in which the stanzas follow a set syllable count:  5/7/5.  Here’s my haiku for the day: CD spinning songs Raffi saying thanks, a lot I sing these words too

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Dreaming of Spring

This week’s column at ParentDish is about baby names, first flowers, and who we are even before we are born. Thanks for reading!

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Lots of fits and starts

I’ve written and deleted a half-dozen posts–about how our life, lately, reminds me of a pointless This Old House show (lots of problems uncovered, but nothing gets fixed); about how pioneer women must have felt waiting out the long winter in their … Continue reading

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That Saturday feeling…

I’m thinking of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer and George are discussing days of the week, and if each has a certain feeling, because today, to me, feels like a Saturday. We’ve been in this new, old house for nearly … Continue reading

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Another review just in…

This one’s from Library Journal: Inspired by “Welcome to Holland,” Emily Perl Kingsley’s 1987 essay about her experiences raising a special-needs child, Groneberg here shares her own story, which begins with her unexpected early delivery of twin boys, Avery and … Continue reading

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Heart of hearts

There’s a new post up at ParentDish about hearts–may you find them everywhere. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I’d expect to find: cowboy boots, overshoes. Rubber boots. Slippers. Maybe, mocassins. Maybe, a second pair of cowboy boots, for town. Maybe even a pair of low-heeled “sensible shoes” for church and the luncheon meetings of the Sweet Grass County … Continue reading

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Key Lime Pie

The neighbors up the road, the ones who invited us for coffee, have chickens.  As we left, the wife shared a dozen eggs with me, and when I got home I opened the carton to find the prettiest eggs, with shells … Continue reading

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The hats are finally here! Thank you, to those of you who asked to see them, for your patience. Thank you, to the folks who encouraged me to keep trying with the digial photography (I’m learning!) and thanks for snowy … Continue reading

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Avery and the purple crayon

This week’s ParentDish post is about expectations, clarity, and Avery’s purple crayon.

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Better late than never!

Beth from Not That You Asked has written a powerful essay about guilt, and loss, called “That Mom,” published in Literary Mama.  I’m mentioning it now in case like me, you missed it the first time. Congratulations, Beth!

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A conversation about writing with author Robert Rummel-Hudson

Robert Rummel-Hudson has been writing online since 1995.  During that time, his work has been recognized by the Diarist Awards at, including citations for Best Writing (1999 Q4), Best Overall Journal (2000 Q1), Best Account of a Public or … Continue reading

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