More mysteries…

I’ve learned that for the past 16 years, our new, old house was occupied by a bachelor whom everyone called Spud.

He had asthma.

He liked whiskey.

He had 2 nieces and a nephew, all with names beginning with “D”, and he saved their school photos.

He kept a post office box in the next town over, where he received mail addressed to an alias, “Court Bar”, from a Talent Agency.

(No news about the mysterious woman, or the hats, or the kitchen cabinet art, but I will keep searching!)


7 thoughts on “More mysteries…

  1. oh how i wish i were a novelist! on occassion, i think about spinning my own tale, trying to anyway…but, alas. i am a nonfiction gal to the core. so i will keep digging…

    (and k, we’re okay! the weather isn’t so terribly cold right now and i’m working on my hats. i am determined to find a way to get the photos, and i think it might involve the library and their wifi access. thank you for your concern!)

  2. Spud is the most fabulous nickname. It paints an instant picture in my mind.

    Hope all is well, Jennifer—and that you are having fun trying to unravel the mysteries of your home.

  3. Ooh, the mystery deepens…or a second one is spinning off? I am so fascinated…wonder what his story is and if he had any connection to the woman. You know, I’m feeling a plot for a novel evolving here…

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