Better late than never!

Beth from Not That You Asked has written a powerful essay about guilt, and loss, called “That Mom,” published in Literary Mama.  I’m mentioning it now in case like me, you missed it the first time. Congratulations, Beth!


7 thoughts on “Better late than never!

  1. My grandmother lost her eight year old son to drowning one Mother’s Day. I don’t think I can ever forget the sorrow that would overcome her eyes when she spoke about Jimmy.

    Bravo to Beth and her courage. Near the end of her essay, I could feel her shoulders straighten, her posture gaining strength as she braved to move forward with her life. Her son would be so very proud.

  2. Thank you Jennifer. I hadn’t seen it. Beth is so amazing isn’t she? I really like she is in the same state as I am, even though she is so far away.

  3. Beth worked so hard on that and she was such a brave, honest writer. It’s the last thing I worked on at Literary Mama and it was an HONOR. I love that essay! And Beth just nailed it!

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