The hats are finally here! Thank you, to those of you who asked to see them, for your patience. Thank you, to the folks who encouraged me to keep trying with the digial photography (I’m learning!) and thanks for snowy days and children who like to play with each other, creating a quiet moment. And now, without further ado!

The hat boxes, as I found them in the eaves.  One is marked “Stetson” and another, “Milgrim.”

The boxes, as I found them in the eaves.  One is marked “Milgrim.”

The winter hats:

The winter hats

The summer hats:

The summer hats

(You can click on all these photos to make them bigger. )

 In the background, you can see the rough cut logs that make up the walls of the house, and the scarred and worn wood floor, which makes these hats, here, all the more remarkable to me. 

Coming soon:  bonus shoes!


16 thoughts on “Hats!

  1. I also have aMilgrim hat box and as my Mother was a milliner at one time, I also have 3 Milgrim hats that are gorgeous, Hollywood type. Ms. Milgrim was a famous designer for New York and Hollywood with shops in all the large cities. You can look her up on the internet and read her obituary there.

  2. Don’t you wish each hat could talk? They’re beautiful!

    My brother owns a moving company and after moving a woman in her late 80s, she told him he could help himself to whatever was left in the shed out back. “Whatever” turned out to be a stash of hats much like these. He said it was like stepping back in time.

  3. Oh, my gosh! They’re FABULOUS! I had a great time mentally trying them on, one by one. Thanks, so much, for sharing them.

    My favorite is the little cloche with the pink/brown and green plaid bow.

  4. Oh! Those look sooo much like hats my Nana used to wear! I love the white summer hat in the front. I’ll bet that was a “special occasion” hat!

    Even the rough hewn walls and wood floors remind me of my Nana; she and Grandaddy built a log cabin into the side of a mountain in CT many, many years ago. It was a house filled with love, adventure, and many happy memories for my sisters and me. Thanks for rekindling the memories!

  5. I am so envious of your little quiet corner of the world. I long to have this kind of far away comfort from the rest of the world. I think I would love to live here.

    The hats are lovely.

    xo r

  6. i love the hats! and i’m soooo intrigued by the box with ‘Milgrim’ written on it (as that is my husband’s last name!) is it by printed by hand? or is it a brand of hat?

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