I’d expect to find: cowboy boots, overshoes. Rubber boots. Slippers. Maybe, mocassins. Maybe, a second pair of cowboy boots, for town. Maybe even a pair of low-heeled “sensible shoes” for church and the luncheon meetings of the Sweet Grass County Cattle Women.

But these??? Never in a million years…


Or these?



7 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. What an amazing find! The hats are in such great condition, too. Our house is 100+ yrs old and has an attic, but my husband and I are too chicken to investigate it!

  2. Wow! A very feminine woman used to live in that house who liked very fine things like hats and nice shoes regardless of how rural she was. I’m a size 7 I bet I could wear ’em. 😉

  3. I WISH they fit me. I’m a size 9, they’re a size 7…but I did try to squeeze my big giant foot in them anyway, because you never know, right? Sizes are sometimes wrong?

    I felt like the stepsisters in Cinderella. Defititely not a match.

  4. Wow! That has to be a woman with an interesting history…maybe she came west from “the big city” (NY, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago?). Do they fit you?? 😉

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