That Saturday feeling…

I’m thinking of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer and George are discussing days of the week, and if each has a certain feeling, because today, to me, feels like a Saturday.

We’ve been in this new, old house for nearly 5 weeks, and most of that time has felt topsy-turvy to me:  nights of jangled sleep, days spent going from one thing to the next (making breakfast on the ancient Chambers gas range which mostly scares me to death, the way it makes that WOOSHing sound when the burners light, or feeding the woodstove with the gnarled and weathered logs Tom gathers from an abandoned slash pile near the house, or doing schoolwork with the kids at at a grey formica table from the 40s with a wobbly leg).

But today the kids slept in, and I fired-up the Chamers range without even flinching, and I placed the square cast-iron frying pan that once belonged to my great-grandmother on the burner and cracked two eggs into it, one for each of the twins, just like I used to do at home. 

Just like at home, I watched the yolks open and spread, golden, reminding me of the sun, which is just now filling the meadow with yellow light.  The day is opening before us, and I thought, with a happiness that comes from feeling right where you’re supposed to be, Today is Saturday. 

I wonder what it holds? What does your Saturday hold?

3 thoughts on “That Saturday feeling…

  1. It’s nice when that moment finally arrives and you know you’re home.

    My Saturday held a lot of serious shopping from Walmart to Costco. Then, what I haven’t posted about on my blog just yet because I haven’t taken pictures, we traded one horse for another and went dancing too. Actually, it was a pretty busy Saturday truth be told!

  2. Reading the newspapers on the couch, walking the dog, strong Starbucks coffee, planning our summer vacation. Dyeing my hair, painting my toenails.

    Our egg days are Sundays…when Mike makes poached eggs and toast, and if we are lucky, corned beef hash…

  3. Oh I am jealous! My Saturdays consist of reading the real estate section of the newspaper first and writing up our itinerary for open viewings … and then dragging the twins and myself through a whole bunch of too weird, too small, just gorgeous but too expensive proerties. SIGH… I long for the quiet egg breaking start to Saturdays …

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