Lots of fits and starts

I’ve written and deleted a half-dozen posts–about how our life, lately, reminds me of a pointless This Old House show (lots of problems uncovered, but nothing gets fixed); about how pioneer women must have felt waiting out the long winter in their tiny cabins, without emails or Internet or even good books; about why I don’t write fiction, even though I admire it and love reading it.  

But it’s like tossing an undercooked spaghetti noodle at the wall to see if it’s done–nothing seems to stick!

So instead, I’ll leave you with this:  Avery has begun telling a knock-knock joke, which he tells over and over, to everyone’s amusement, especially his. 

Avery: Knock knock.

Me:  Who’s there?

Avery: Poo.

Me: Poo who?

Avery:  POO POO! 

And then he grins and smiles and knows he’s said something a bit naughty, which makes him laugh and laugh, until I can’t help but laugh too.  My little boy, telling a bathroom joke!

12 thoughts on “Lots of fits and starts

  1. 🙂 what a wonderful joke….I am going to share it with my C today. I’m sure he will give me one of those big belly laughs.

  2. that is adorable!!! fluffy is totally into the poo poo doo doo joke stage and just now thinks farts are funny. dave is thrilled. he’s been waiting for this since the day he was born.

  3. Thinking of you and so happy when you post. Keep those knock knock jokes coming—for this very reason we have ordered a book of jokes for kids…seems my son has no clue what a punchline is, though he has a habit of punctuating his nonsense with “get it?? ha!!” as though that will help to sell his point. They are so cute when they tell jokes that are not actually jokes.

  4. Well, that explains why my google reader keeps telling me you’ve posteed and I check and there’s nothing there! LOL

    I understand the feeling all too well, lately.

    Nothing to offer (except mailng you some trashy novels if you’d like?) except understanding and warmth (um, the heart kind; I’m afraid I can’t help with the snow!) and assurance that spring will indeed come and the calves will be born and your lives will turn right-side up again.

    So, um, you don’t write fiction…may I steal your house and its characters then? I’ve got some ideas I’d love to flesh out! I don’t write fiction either…yet!

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