Laramie, WY, anyone?

There’s a family moving to this community and if you know anyone who lives there, or if you live there, email me at jennifer (at) jennifergrafgroneberg (dot) com, so I can help get you and them in touch with each other. 

 Thank you!


5 thoughts on “Laramie, WY, anyone?

  1. Hi,
    It’s me! My husband just accepted a position at the University of Wyoming and we are definately making the move to Laramie this coming summer.

    We are have looked on-line a bit and have made contact with a woman who currently lives in Laramie and it not affiliated with UW. But, we would love to find out more about opportunities for families, special needs support for our child, school systems both public and private, etc.

    Feel free to email me at with any thoughts you might have.

  2. I have family in Laramie, WY. I grew up there, and am very proud of the community.

    We might be able to assist? What is your situation?

    My parents are very active with local politics and the University of Wyoming …. they might be able to hook you up with resources that could help you with a relocation.

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