Beverly Beckham,

columnist for the Boston Globe, wrote a terrific piece about her granddaughter Lucy, called “An Ambassador Against Fear.”  In it, she talks about misinformation, and people’s tendency to believe what they are used to believing, and about how Lucy (and her parents, and her grandparents I would imagine) have become ambassadors of sorts, just by being themselves. 

Beverly explains that Lucy is often the only child with Down syndrome a person might ever know.  This fact struck me, and stuck with me.  It’s true of Avery, too: babies with Down syndrome are becoming something of a rarity.  And it made me sad.

The column continues, with a sort-of challenge to readers to push past what they think they know about Down syndrome, to find the truth, then she lists some of my very favorite resources, including Gifts and Road Map to Holland

(A beautiful essay by Beverly Beckham about Lucy is included in the recently released Chicken Soup for the Soul: Children with Special Needs called “Baby Steps Came in Her Own Time”)

Thank you, Beverly!


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